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The best way to ensure you receive the results you are looking for is to only receive treatments from an experienced aesthetics expert. Our nurse practitioners have years of experience, and are highly skilled to deliver the highest quality service and treatments available. We cater to each patient by providing proper education, allowing us to deliver results in such a way that the patient feels confident and comfortable. Whether you’re looking to turn back time or add something DNA forgot, we can customize a treatment plan to fit your individual goals, facial structure, age, and genetic composition. In order to enhance your natural beauty; you, only better.



Whether you want symmetry, more plump or need to restore lost volume, lips are for EVERYONE!


Create definition, balance your entire profile, and slim the face with this magic treatment


The treatment that does it all. Helps with under eye concerns, creates contour + is named the "liquid facelift"

Smile Lines

Those lines around your mouth bother you? A little filler can do the trick! Smooth comin' at ya!


Lines on Forehead/Face?

Do you see lines/wrinkles when you smile, share a surprised face, or when you are giving that WTF look? It's time for some tox!

Super Sweaty?

We can treat those armpits with tox! No more sweaty pits. You're welcome!

Clench Your Teeth

Those muscles near the jaw are called Masseter muscles and they can make your face look wide, but also cause TMJ. Let's get rid of those bad boys.



Kybella will get rid of that fat FOREVER. Yes, gone for good.

Hip Dips? Lil Booty?

Let's add some plump and fill in those hippy dips with some Sculptra. One of our most popular treatments!


Pure MAGIC. Microneedling helps with acne scarring, dull skin, and PRODUCES COLLAGEN. The holy grail of FFA right here. Add this to any treatment and your skin will thank you.

GLO up Package

150 units of Dysport (or 50 units of Botox), 3 syringes of Restylane Lyft + 1 Resty-L - Smooth that face and build that chin, jawline or lips while saving OVER $1,000 with this package! Our best seller!

My New Place for treatments!!! Absolutely Love this place ! ! ! First let’s start with the front desk girls who are both amazing! Then I waited to go back in a clean comfortable waiting room with a lovely coffee station. I was taken back for my consultation by the amazing & stylish manager by the name of Matthew who was top notch in every way! He gave me points and tips on what questions I had about services and was extremely thorough and knowledgable in his response! I got a full face assessment and moved forward with a vial of Dysport. It’s still very fresh so I’m excited to see the final results but she was very gentle and precise and so far I’m in love and can tell it’s going to settle nicely! Can not wait to come back for more services, highly recommend this establishment they know what they are doing top to bottom! P.S. they offer a membership for 37.89 a month and you get extremely discounted prices as well as a point system!!!! Yes I said it point system to get additional off treatment prices.

Dustin Johnston
, Las Vegas Location

I don’t normally leave reviews however I had such a great experience I feel inclined to share! I’ve had both botox & fillers done once to twice a year for almost 10 years now. For the first time in at least 4 years I walked away over the moon thrilled with my results. My NP listened to my concerns, suggested the products and services that would best fit my needs (some of which I’ve never used). We stayed within my budget. I felt no pressure at all and got the best results I can remember in years. In the past my swelling is usually so bad I can’t leave the house for at least 24 hours. What swelling I did have this time was minimal compared to usual and went down within a couple of hours. Bruising was minimal and less than normal as well. I don’t know how she did it but I love what she did. The entire staff from front to back worked together. All were professional, kind and helpful. If I could give FFA (Las Vegas) 10 stars to I would!

Sheyanne Morris
, Las Vegas Location

Beautiful office. everything is so clean and everyone was very sweet. They offer a membership too which is cool because you get everything for a discounted price. Will definitely be back!

Lisa Pareach
, Las Vegas Location

Very cute office! Everyone was very nice and informative. The NP went over all services offered and pricing as well. Great experience! Will be back!

Brooke Harper
, Columbus Location

Oh My God! I was totally impressed with all staff at this place, very professional, let alone so friendly and helpful. Make you feel so relax and feeling welcomed. I was only going there for my forehead and crows feet. No,,,no,,,I didn’t end there! Flo was that GOOD, the way she implemented those needles are like MAGIC! Almost no pain at all. So, I ended up having my upper lip, and smile lines done. I made the best choice, money well spent. I’ll give 10 *! Totally recommended.

Phelichya Purnama
, Westerville, Ohio

Had my lips done last week! I wanted something very natural/subtle and she did just that. The office is so cute and clean. Went back a second time for a microneedling session. My skin has never looked better! Recommending FFA to all my friends and family. They take the time to listen to your goals aesthetically and financially as well make you feel extremely comfortable throughout the entire process. I became a VIP member instantly as their prices are unbeatable. Thank you FFA!

Abbey Miltko
, Westerville, Ohio

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