Best Time for Laser Hair Removal? NOW

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Best Time for Laser Hair Removal? NOW

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When you think of summer, you think of swimming, boating, tank tops….and lots of exposed skin. This also means lots of shaving and waxing to keep that body hair free.

Such a waste of time, right?

This time spent dealing with your unwanted hair will probably have you wanting to start those laser hair removal treatments- STAT!

But, see, summer is actually the worst time.

The time is now.

Fall and winter are the best times to start laser hair removal treatments. 

Fact: The average time it takes to see results is weeks or months, and the results keep on getting better after that. If you begin your laser hair removal treatments in the fall or winter, by the time the warm weather arrives, you’ll have achieved up to 90% permanent reduction in hair growth.

Need more reasons to start laser hair removal in the Fall or Winter?

  • Laser hair removal works best on dark hair and pale skin. Also, we can’t work on tan skin (who isn’t tan during the summer?!) During the fall and winter months, there is less chance your skin will be exposed to the sun.
  • After each laser hair removal treatment, you’ll need to keep the targeted areas of your body out of sunlight. It’s obviously easier to do this during the colder months, since you’ll be wearing more clothing anyway.

Once you have received a treatment, the hair can take up to two weeks to fall out. This is not something you want to be rocking on the beach, but is quite alright when you are curled up in your yoga pants on the couch.

Now that you’re daydreaming of the days of summer again, lets get you in to start those treatment sessions NOW! With plans as low as $54/month you will be hair free and feeling bikini ready in no time.



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