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Single Vial Use-What does that mean, exactly?

We are always committed to bringing you the best treatments and best quality treatments possible. This is our top priority at FFA. Because of this, we are adding some changes to ensure you get just that:

The best.

FFA will be joining Ohio State and The Cleveland Clinic (some of the most well-known in the aesthetics industry) in complying with the Ohio Pharmacy Boards new requirement that Aesthetic Practices follow single-use vial directions from the manufacturer.

This change will be imposed on all practices state-wide, FFA is simply an early adopter. Again, we want to make sure we are aligned with the best practices and best quality treatments.

What does this mean for your next BOTOX/DYSPORT visit?

  • Your favorite NP will come into your treatment room with an unopened vial of Botox.
  • You will see it unopened, see them open it, and see them draw it up right in front of you.
  • If you choose not to use the entire 50 units (or 100 units) you purchase, the rest will be thrown out. Your vial is yours, not to be shared with anyone else. But let’s be honest-masseters, lip flip, hyperhidrosis. SO MANY PLACES you can put that extra Botox.
  • If you read the label on a vial of Botox it clearly states “SINGLE USE VIAL” –and we are going to make sure all vials are just that-single use.

Although these changes are new to Ohio, they are necessary. We are doing the right thing and following direction of  the newest requirements from the Ohio Pharmacy Board.

All current members and those who sign up before Wednesday 12/4/19 at 12 noon will be part of these new changes effective 1/1/2020. Any other guests or members who sign up after 12/4 (noon) will be part of these changes effective immediately.

Membership pricing doesn’t change (based on your current membership rate), you just will be required to purchase Botox in 50 vial increments and Dysport in increments of 300.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, we would love to hear from you! Email us at:

Thank you for always being the best. We can’t wait to continue making you the best version of you.


FFA Team

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